by  Michael A Kushner


History of World War 2 Signals Intelligence


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Bletchley Park, the British Government's World War II. Ultra top secret code breaking establishment, known as War Station X. Before 1980 very few people knew of its existence and how important Bletchley was during the second world war. This is where the German secret cipher machine Enigma was broken. Bletchley Park employed some of the top British brains to develop equipment to break this top secret code. Michael tells the fascinating story of how we broke into the German U-boat, Luftwaffe, army and Naval codes. How we invented the world's first electronic digital computer Colossus used for the first time at Bletchley Park to de-cipher the Lorenz machine. This machine was sending Adolf Hitler's most secret battle plans to his generals. All the staff that worked at Bletchley Park were sworn to secrecy for life, but now this story can be told, which not only shortened the war by at least two years, but also saved countless lives.