by  Michael A Kushner


History of World War 2 Signals Intelligence

Michael Kushner (left) Is a lecturer and volunteer guide at Bletchley Park, the British Government's former Ultra top secret code breaking establishment during World War II. Martin Sugarman is Archivist of AJEX and written five books on the British Jewish contribution to victory in WW2. Together they have written this book which tells of the very high proportion of Jewish personnel who worked at Bletchley Park during World War II. Some of them were brilliant mathematicians, linguists and intellectuals, who played a large part in the downfall of Nazi occupied Europe.

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Michael Kushner and Martin Sugarman have pieced together this fascinating and moving but little known piece of hidden Anglo-Jewish history. It tells the astonishing story of some of the main but little known,  proportionately high number , of Jewish staff at Bletchley Park, the British wartime code breaking centre, who helped shorten the Second World War by months and perhaps years. It deserves a wide readership.

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Foreword by

Robert Hannigan CMG.

former head of GCHQ

Introduction from Martin Sugarman

I am delighted to be collaborating with Bletchley Park guide and author, Michael Kushner on this project. Fusing his knowledge of ‘BP’ together with my original research on the Jewish contribution there, he has produced a chronicle that makes a great contribution to the raising of the profile of the Anglo-Jewish community in Defence of the Realm in WW2 in the field of breaking enemy codes. The achievements described in this book deserve and even urgently require, a wide audience, especially in these days of con-tinuing anti-Semitism.                                                          

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