by  Michael A Kushner


History of World War 2 Signals Intelligence

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Journey to Station X.

The overall history of Bletchley Park and formation

of signals intelligence up to and throughout WW2.


Danger! U-boats and the Battle of the Atlantic.

The only thing that frightened Winston Churchill during WW2 was the threat of the U-boats in the North Atlantic.


Alan Turing the man who knew too much? 

With poor school results and then to become a brilliant mathematician and pioneer of computer science.


So who broke the Enigma code anyway?

How the Polish codebreakers obtained and broke the Enigma machine, which eventually came to Bletchley Park.


The Spy Who Loved Himself

The Germans called him agent Fritz the British called him agent zig zag. His real name was Eddie Chapman. Before the war he was a crook and a villain. After the war he returned to crime. This is a hard to believe story but very true. He loved many women he loved spending money he also loved the Germans. But he was loyal to Britain, through his actions he saved many thousands of British lives. But there’s one thing he loved more than anything,  himself.



Hitler’s Most Secret Weapons

With the success of the D-Day operations, Britain felt the war was coming to a close. As aerial bombing had ceased. But just then Hitler unleashed his most secret deadly weapons to destroy London and major British cities. This talk shows the production and implementation luckily it came too late in the war.






Illuminations Theatre  (Planetarium)


Queen Mary 2