by  Michael A Kushner


History of World War 2 Signals Intelligence

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Black propaganda radio.

The Germans believed programs were coming from Germany. It was Britain's greatest hoax of the war.


Sink the Bismarck!

Hitler decided to build two of the world's largest battleships, to create havoc with our merchant convoy’s. The first was named BISMARCK. The Royal Navy was destined to destroy it.


From Lorenz to Colossus the worlds first computer,

A cipher machine millions of times more powerful than Enigma. How it was broken at Bletchley Park.


Spies, Lies, &  Double Cross Agents .

During WW2 we captured every single German spy that was sent to Britain. This completely brilliant true story can now be told. But you will have to disengage your disbelief.


Operation Mincemeat

This is an incredible story, now with newly released information explaining how Major William Martin of the Royal Marines changed the course of the war. Through his incredible bravery, he supplied the Germans with fake information to create a diversion plan. But Major William Martin never existed.


Jewish Bletchley Park

During World War II over 200 Jewish personnel worked at Bletchley Park. This is a fascinating story of how the British Secret Service employed many Jews. Numerous of which came from Eastern Europe and also Germany itself. Some became brilliant codebreakers others became very important people after the war. Now many of the secrets have been revealed, this unbelievable story can be told. This talk is an adapted version of “A Journey to Station X.”


Illuminations Theatre  (Planetarium)


Queen Mary 2